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open-access-imgOpen AccessDevelopment of Self-Powered 5-Finger Pneumatically Driven Hand Prosthesis Using Supination of Forearm
Kotaro Nishikawa,
Kentaro Hirata,
Masahiro Takaiwa
Publication year2022
Publication title
journal of robotics and mechatronics
Resource typeJournals
PublisherFuji Technology Press Ltd.
Recently, myoelectric hand prostheses produced by the combination of 3D-CAD and printer have gained attention. 3D printing of hand prosthesis has resulted in cost reduction. However, when an electric actuator with reduction gears is used as the driving source of the hand prosthesis, the joint rigidity becomes high; therefore, compliance control is required to grasp soft target objects. In this study, we propose a pneumatically driven hand prosthesis using a flexible bellows actuator. The hand prosthesis is lightweight and inexpensive because it is self-powered and generates compressed air through the supination motion of the user’s forearm instead of an external compressor, which is essential for conventional pneumatic systems. Stable flexible grasping of the target object was achieved by driving a five-finger hand using this system.
Subject(s)actuator , artificial intelligence , bellows , biomedical engineering , computer science , engineering , forearm , grasp , mechanical engineering , medicine , pneumatic actuator , pneumatics , programming language , prosthesis , prosthetic hand , surgery
SCImago Journal Rank0.257

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