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open-access-imgOpen AccessAssessment of bone tissue architectonics with digital analysis of computed tomograms for osteoporosis diagnostics
O. Yu. Kilina,
V. D. Zavadovskaya,
R V Danilchuk,
Ye. M. Tretyakov,
O. V. Rodionova,
O. V. Baranova
Publication year2003
Publication title
bûlleten' sibirskoj mediciny
Resource typeJournals
PublisherSiberian State Medical University
Digital analysis potential of lumbar vertebra computed tomograms as a method of osteoporosis diagnostics has been investigated. Specific software designed for mineral weight and bone structure assessments has been developed. This software has been approved during the investigation of 10 lumbar vertebra anatomic preparations and 20 patients with chronic renal failure treated by hemodyalisis. Result comparison of computed tomogram digital analysis, mineral structure investigation and histomorphometry of lumbar vertebra anatomic preparations showed that the developed method allowed to perform a reliable analysis of trabecular bone structure and indirect assessment of mineral density.
Subject(s)anatomy , biomedical engineering , bone histomorphometry , bone mineral , bone structure , computed tomography , lumbar , lumbar vertebrae , medicine , nuclear medicine , osteoporosis , pathology , radiology , trabecular bone , vertebra
SCImago Journal Rank0.135

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