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Premium Treatment of Angular Bone Defects with a Composite Bone Grafting Material in Combination with a Collagen Membrane
Zitzmann Nicola U.,
RateitschakPlüss Edith,
Marinello Carlo P.
Publication year2003
Publication title
journal of periodontology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAmerican Academy of Periodontology
Background: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a bioabsorbable collagen barrier (CB) in combination with a composite bone substitute (deproteinized bovine bone mineral with collagen, DBBM + C) in periodontal regeneration of angular bone defects in humans using a new application technique . Methods: Twelve patients participated, each contributing at least 1 defect site, which exhibited a probing depth (PD) of ≥5 mm, a clinical attachment level (CAL) of ≥6 mm, and was positive for bleeding on probing (BOP) following initial therapy. Twenty‐two angular bone defects were filled with DBBM + C. A hole was placed in the membrane, which was then pulled over the tooth. The observation period was 2 years and included measurements of plaque, gingivitis, tooth mobility, PD, CAL, soft tissue recession, and bone level as assessed from standardized radiographs . Results: The residual PD and CAL were reduced to 3.3 mm (PD) and 5.6 mm (CAL) with a CAL gain of 3.2 mm at 24 months. The radiographic defect reduction (bone fill) was 4.0 mm after surgery and 2.2 mm at 24 months. The changes measured clinically and radiographically were more pronounced in sites with a deep intrabony defect component than in sites with shallow ones . Conclusions: These findings indicate that angular bone defects can be successfully treated with DBBM + C in combination with CB. A degradation of the filler material seems to occur particularly during the first 6 months, but without affecting the clinical parameters, which improved consistently . J Periodontol 2003;74:687‐694.
Subject(s)bone grafting , bone mineral , dentistry , materials science , medicine , osteoporosis , pathology , radiography , soft tissue , surgery
SCImago Journal Rank2.036

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