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Premium P‐107: Analyses of Whiteness of Reflective TFT‐LCDs
Chu LiangSan,
Huang YiPai,
Shieh HanPing David,
Liaw MingJiun,
Liu KangHung
Publication year2003
Publication title
sid symposium digest of technical papers
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Abstract Whiteness appearance is an important issue to improve the readability of reflective LCDs. Factors affecting the whiteness appearance, such as metal reflector, liquid crystal dispersion, color filter, oblique incidence, brightness, and uniformity were analyzed in order to achieve a paper‐white image for reflective LCDs.
Subject(s)brightness , color gel , composite material , computer science , computer vision , filter (signal processing) , layer (electronics) , light source , liquid crystal display , materials science , optics , optoelectronics , physics , programming language , readability , reflectivity , reflector (photography) , thin film transistor
SCImago Journal Rank0.351

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