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open-access-imgOpen AccessBronchial asthma and the vitamin D deficiency.
Daria Fomina,
T N Markova,
V. V. Sadovskaya
Publication year2018
Publication title
klinicheskaia meditsina
Resource typeJournals
The variety of tissue cells express receptors of vitamin D. The possible causative connection between lack of vitamin D and a number of inflammatory diseases such as bronchial asthma has stimulated interest in the potentially positive effects of vitamin D in the theraputic schemes. Conflicting data was demonstrated by numerous studies concerning the relationship of vitamin D and development of asthma . Most of them stress attention on the lack of studies with targeting population excluding subclasters and phenotypes of bronchial asthma, especially groups associated with low levels of vitamin D obesity, COPD and asthma, atopic patients. The question of prescribing of vitamin D in asthma, in the case of laboratory-proven deficiency or lack of vitamin D can be an option in therapy.
Subject(s)asthma , environmental health , immunology , medicine , population , vitamin , vitamin d and neurology , vitamin d deficiency

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