open-access-imgOpen AccessTargeting the p53-MDM2 interaction by the small-molecule MDM2 antagonist Nutlin-3a: a new challenged target therapy in adult Philadelphia positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients
Stefania Trino,
Ilaria Iacobucci,
Daniela Erriquez,
Ilaria Laurenzana,
Luciana De Luca,
Anna Maria Ferrari,
Andrea Ghelli Luserna di Rorà,
Cristina Papayannidis,
Enrico Derenzini,
Francesco Lanza,
Annalisa Lonetti,
Claudia Venturi,
Federica Cattina,
Emanuela Ottaviani,
Maria Chiara Abbenante,
Domenico Russo,
Giovanni Perini,
Pellegrino Musto,
Giovanni Martinelli
Publication year2016
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
MDM2 is an important negative regulator of p53 tumor suppressor. In this study, we sought to investigate the preclinical activity of the MDM2 antagonist, Nutlin-3a, in Philadelphia positive (Ph + ) and negative (Ph − ) leukemic cell line models, and primary B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patient samples. We demonstrated that Nutlin-3a treatment reduced viability and induced p53-mediated apoptosis in ALL cells with wild-type p53 protein, in a time and dose-dependent manner, resulting in the increased expression of pro-apoptotic proteins and key regulators of cell cycle arrest. The dose-dependent reduction in cell viability was confirmed in primary blast cells from B-ALL patients, including Ph + ALL resistant patients carrying the T315I BCR-ABL1 mutation. Our findings provide a strong rational for further clinical investigation of Nutlin-3a in Ph + and Ph − ALL.
Subject(s)antagonist , apoptosis , biology , cancer research , cell cycle , cell cycle checkpoint , gene , genetics , immunology , leukemia , mdm2 , medicine , receptor , regulator , viability assay
Keyword(s) acute lymphoblastic leukemia , p53 , MDM2 , Nutlin-3a
SCImago Journal Rank1.373

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