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open-access-imgOpen AccessExplanatory factors of the accreditation of the General Graduation Exam (EGEL) in students of the Bachelor of Science in Education, UABC, Mexico
Vicente Arámburo Vizcarra,
Patricio Henríquez Ritchie,
Erika Gutierrez
Publication year2019
Publication title
the international journal of social sciences and humanities invention
Resource typeJournals
PublisherValley International
Research on variables related to academic performance is becoming increasingly important in universities; with special interest the study of those factors that may be subject of intervention for the improvement of the academic performance of their students (Davis & Thomas, 1999). The purpose of the study, among others, was to identify the main factors associated with the accreditation of the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences in a standardized test called the General Graduation Exit Examination in a Mexican public university. The sample was made up of 272 supporting students; Descriptive analyzes were carried out, chi-square (X2) and a logistic regression model was generated. The main results show that the age of the supporters, the schooling of the mother and the average in the Degree are the factors that most relate to the accreditation of the exam. The study presents empirical evidences that can be useful for the obtaining of more favorable results of the students in this type of standardized evaluations and for the decision making for the improvement of the educational processes in the university.
Subject(s)accreditation , bachelor , bachelor degree , biology , chemistry , chromatography , geometry , graduation (instrument) , higher education , law , logistic regression , mathematics , mathematics education , medical education , medicine , paleontology , political science , psychology , sample (material) , test (biology)

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