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open-access-imgOpen AccessOccurrence of Tetracycline Residue in Table Eggs and Genotoxic Effects of Raw and Heated Contaminated Egg Yolks on Hepatic Cells
Abbas Kamali,
Maryam Mirlohi,
Mahmod Etebari,
Sohila Sepahi
Publication year2020
Publication title
iranian journal of public health
Resource typeJournals
PublisherTehran University of Medical Sciences
Background: This study measured tetracycline residue in table eggs sampled from Isfahan markets in 2015 and assessed the toxic effects of heated egg yolk on hepatic cells Methods: Forty commercial and six locally produced eggs were randomly collected and tested for tetracycline resides using competitive ELISA with a mean recovery value of 65.22% and limit of detection (LOD) of 4 ng/g. For the seven most contaminated samples, albumen and yolk were examined individually and, despite the very low detected level in the yolk, the samples were subjected to boiling for 10 min. Finally, the DNA damaging properties of the raw or treated egg yolks on hepatic cells were investigated using the comet assay. Results: The residue levels ranged from
Subject(s)antibiotics , biology , contamination , ecology , food science , horticulture , incidence (geometry) , infestation , medicine , microbiology and biotechnology , optics , physics , tetracycline , toxicology , veterinary medicine , yolk
Keyword(s) Tetracycline residues , Egg , Boiling , Comet assay

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