open-access-imgOpen AccessThe Contribution Of Logic Language Control Toward Scientific Writing
Dinari Oktaria,
Budhi Setiawan,
Sumarwati Sumarwati
Publication year2018
Publication title
international journal of multicultural and multireligious understanding
Resource typeJournals
The excellent human resources can be seen from their positive productivity. One of productivity in academic writing is scientific writing. Academicians assume that the best work is a work which is produced through writing. Basically the skills of scientific writing are supported by the mastery of good logic of language. One of the writing skills used in expressing ideas is in writing scientific articles. Logic if language in this study means as way for the scientific article writers to think systematically. Survey method with correlation technique was used as research method in this research. The population in this study were all students of the Indonesian Language Education Program FKIP UNS. The data collection and writing skills of scientific article were obtained by conducting test techniques with the practice of writing scientific articles, mastering the logic of language with objective tests as much as 40 items. Data analysis technique here included two thing, namely descriptive analysis and inferential analysis. The analysis of inferential data was used simple regression and correlation techniques. Data analysis was conducted in this study and it  referred to the concept of simple analysis of regression correlation. The result of the analysis showed that there was a positive relationship between the logic of the language with the writing of scientific articles (ry1) of 0.42. Furthermore, to know the significance of coefficient correlation, then the T test was done. Based on the results of tests that hade been done, the result showed  that the strength of the relationship between the logic language mastery and scientific skills skill was as much as 4.39 and it was greater than the value of t table as much as 1.651
Subject(s)biology , computer science , data collection , data mining , descriptive statistics , epistemology , indonesian , linguistics , mathematics , mathematics education , paleontology , philosophy , psychology , relation (database) , scientific writing , simple (philosophy) , statistics , test (biology)

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