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open-access-imgOpen AccessNovel Robotic Assistive Technologies: Choosing Appropriate Training for Healthcare Professionals
L. Ménard,
Antoine Petit,
Emilie Leblong,
M. Stein,
Eleni Hatzidimitriadou,
Redouane Khemmar,
S. Manship,
R. V. Morris,
Nicolas Ragot,
P. Gallien
Publication year2020
Publication title
modelling, measurement and control
Resource typeJournals
PublisherInternational Information and Engineering Technology Association
One of the key challenges for the training of healthcare professionals (HCPs) is to maintain a good understanding and knowledge of new assistive technologies (ATs) that are currently on the market [1]. Indeed, at present, available training on ATs is limited and does not meet the practice-related needs of HCPs. It is in this context that the ADAPT European project aims to develop a new AT training programme for healthcare professionals, which will also introduce them to the project’s new AT developments - a smart powered wheelchair and a virtual reality wheelchair-driving simulator. The program consists of six multimodal units; five delivered via e-learning and one through a blended method of e-learning and face-to-face sessions. The development of the content is guided by findings from an earlier literature review and an online survey of AT training needs for HCP’s, both undertaken by the ADAPT cross-national research team, comprised of UK and French experts. The level of technical difficulty increases with successive units in order to train all HCPs to use innovative ATs more widely in their practice. A Learning Management System enables the dissemination of the e-learning AT program. Preliminary results from participant unit-specific evaluations available at this stage are overall positive and encouraging.
Subject(s)biology , computer science , context (archaeology) , economic growth , economics , health care , health professionals , knowledge management , mathematics education , medical education , medicine , meteorology , paleontology , physics , psychology , training (meteorology) , unit (ring theory) , wheelchair , world wide web

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