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open-access-imgOpen AccessNeurorecurrences of syphilis. M. M. Zarkhi (Ven. And Derm., 1926, no. 3)
V. S.
Publication year2021
Resource typeUndefined
According to MM Zarkhi (Ven. And Derm., 1926, No. 3), the basis of neurorecurrence is a syphilitic infection that causes a relapse of the disease in the nervous tissue, and the starting point of neurorecurrence is in most cases the affected meninges, and only in very rare cases the process can proceed directly from the tissue of one or another nerve.
Subject(s)human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) , humanities , immunology , medicine , meninges , nervous tissue , pathology , philosophy , psychiatry , syphilis , ven

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