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open-access-imgOpen AccessMyocardin-dependent Activation of the CArG Box-rich Smooth Muscle γ-Actin Gene: PREFERENTIAL UTILIZATION OF A SINGLE CArG ELEMENT THROUGH FUNCTIONAL ASSOCIATION WITH THE NKX3.1 HOMEODOMAIN PROTEIN
Sun, Qiang,
Taurin, Sebastien,
Nan Sethakorn,
Long, Xiaochun,
Imamura, Masaaki,
Wang, Da Zhi,
Zimmer, Warren E.,
Nickolai O. Dulin,
Joseph M. Miano
Publication year2009
Publication title
carolina digital repository (university of north carolina at chapel hill)
PublisherUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Subject(s)actin , biology , gene , genetics , microbiology and biotechnology , myocardin , serum response factor , transcription factor

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