open-access-imgOpen AccessДемографический дайджест
Ilya Kashnitsky,
Д.Г. Аракелян,
Софья Ахманаева,
Анна Бежанишвили,
Н В Ганжа,
Н. М. Клименко,
Юлия Лонщикова
Publication year2017
Publication title
demografičeskoe obozrenie
Resource typeJournals
Leopold T., M. Kalmijn. Is divorce more painful when couples have children? Evidence from Long-term panel data on multiple domains of well-being Billari F.C., A.C. Liefbroer. Why still marry? The role of feelings in the persistence of marriage as an institution Beaujouan E. Second unions now more stable than first? A comparison of separation risks by union order in France Napierała J., A. Wojtyńska. Trapped in migrants’ sectors? Polish women in the Icelandic labour market Bonenkamp J., L. Meijdam, E. Ponds, E. Westerhout. Ageing-driven pension reforms Cools S., S. Markussen, M. Strøm. Children and careers: how family size affects parents’ labor market outcomes in the long run McEwen C.A., B.S. McEwen. Social structure, adversity, toxic stress, and intergenerational poverty: an early childhood model Auer D., G. Bonoli, F. Fossati. Why do immigrants have longer periods of unemployment? Swiss evidence Glaeser E.L., B.M. Steinberg. Transforming cities: does urbanization promote democratic change?
Subject(s)demographic economics , economic growth , economics , feeling , immigration , law , political science , poverty , psychology , social psychology , sociology , unemployment

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