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Premium An Approach to Evaluating Drug‐Nutrient Interactions
Santos Cristina A.,
Boullata Joseph I.
Publication year2005
Publication title
pharmacotherapy: the journal of human pharmacology and drug therapy
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Although the significance of interactions between drugs is widely appreciated, little attention has been given to interactions between drugs and nutrients. Pharmacists are challenged to remember documented interactions involving available drugs, and they face the possibility that each newly approved therapeutic agent may be involved not only in unrecognized drug‐drug interactions but in drug‐nutrient interactions as well. A more consistent approach to evaluating drug‐nutrient interactions is needed. The approach must be systematic in order to assess the influence of nutritional status, food, or specific nutrients on a drug's pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, as well as the influence of a drug on overall nutritional status or on the status of a specific nutrient. We provide such a process, using several recently approved drugs as working examples. Risk factors and clinical relevance are described, with distinctions made between documented and potential interactions. Application of this process by the pharmacist to any drug will help increase their expertise. Furthermore, full consideration by pharmacists of all possible interactions of the drug regimens used in practice can allow for improved patient care.
Subject(s)drug , drug interaction , family medicine , intensive care medicine , medicine , pharmacist , pharmacology , pharmacy
SCImago Journal Rank1.227

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