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open-access-imgOpen AccessMinimal prime ideals of skew PBW extensions over 2-primal compatible rings
Mohamed Louzari,
Armando Reyes
Publication year2020
Publication title
revista colombiana de matematicas
Resource typeJournals
PublisherNational University of Colombia
In this paper, we characterize the units of skew PBW extensions over compatible rings. With this aim, we recall the transfer of the property of being 2-primal for these extensions. As a consequence of our treatment, the results established here generalize those corresponding for commutative rings and Ore extensions of injective type. In this way, we present new results for several noncommutative rings of polynomial type not considered before in the literature.
Subject(s)algebra over a field , biology , chemistry , combinatorics , commutative property , commutative ring , computer science , ecology , epistemology , injective function , mathematical analysis , mathematics , noncommutative geometry , noncommutative ring , organic chemistry , philosophy , polynomial , polynomial ring , prime (order theory) , property (philosophy) , pure mathematics , ring (chemistry) , skew , telecommunications , type (biology)
SCImago Journal Rank0.176

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