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open-access-imgOpen AccessDominasi Paradigma Fikih dalam Periwayatan dan Kodifikasi Hadis
Rifqi Muhammad Fatki
Publication year2012
Publication title
deleted journal
Resource typeJournals
PublisherUniversitas Islam Negeri (UIN)
Abstract: Domination of the Fiqh Paradigm in Hadith Transmission and Codification. This paper primarily argues that fiqh has been dominating the transmission and canonization of Hadîts since the early Islamic period. The fiqh orientation in the transmission of Hadîts that has occurred since the early Islamic period, the formalization of fiqh schools, and the mainstreaming of fiqh in Hadîts works are the reasons that made it dominant. Moreover, the formation and acceptance of al-Kutub al-Sittah was also to pursue fiqh interests, rather than just the already important matter of Hadîts codification.Keywords: Hadîts Narration, Hadîts Records, Fiqh Codification.Abstrak: Dominasi Paradigma Fikih dalam Periwayatan dan Kodifikasi Hadis. Artikel ini utamanya menyatakan bahwa fikih telah mendominasi periwayatan dan pembukuan Hadis sejak periode awal Islam. Orientasi fikih pada periwayatan dan kodifikasi Hadis, formalisasi madrasah fikih, dan pengarusutamaan fikih pada karya-karya Hadis, adalah bukti-bukti yang menunjukkan fikih mendominasi periwayatan dan kodifikasi Hadis. Fakta lainnya adalah, pembentukan al-Kutub al-Sittah dan aspek penerimaannya ternyata lebih menunjukkan alasan pemenuhan kepentingan fikih ketimbang hanya periwayatan dan kodifikasi Hadis semata.Kata Kunci: Periwayatan Hadis, Pembukuan Hadis, Dominasi FikihDOI: 10.15408/ajis.v12i1.970
Subject(s)fiqh , islam , philosophy , sharia , theology

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