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open-access-imgOpen AccessSuppressing nonsense—a surprising function for 5‐azacytidine
Shao Ada,
Wilkinson Miles F
Publication year2014
Publication title
embo molecular medicine
Resource typeJournals
In this issue of EMBO Molecular Medicine , Bhuvanagiri et al report on a chemical means to convert molecular junk into gold. They identify a chemical inhibitor of a quality control pathway that is best known for its ability to clear cells of rubbish, but that in certain cases can be detrimental because it eliminates “useful” garbage. The chemical inhibitor identified by Bhuvanagiri et al perturbs Nonsense‐Mediated RNA Decay ( NMD ), a RNA surveillance pathway that targets mRNA s harboring premature termination codons ( PTC s) for degradation (Kervestin & Jacobson, [Kervestin S, 2012]).
Subject(s)biochemistry , biology , chemistry , computational biology , computer science , function (biology) , gene , microbiology and biotechnology , nonsense
SCImago Journal Rank4.923

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