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Premium Atrx promotes heterochromatin formation at retrotransposons
Sadic Dennis,
Schmidt Katharina,
Groh Sophia,
Kondofersky Ivan,
Ellwart Joachim,
Fuchs Christiane,
Theis Fabian J,
Schotta Gunnar
Publication year2015
Publication title
embo reports
Resource typeJournals
PublisherNature Portfolio
Abstract More than 50% of mammalian genomes consist of retrotransposon sequences. Silencing of retrotransposons by heterochromatin is essential to ensure genomic stability and transcriptional integrity. Here, we identified a short sequence element in intracisternal A particle ( IAP ) retrotransposons that is sufficient to trigger heterochromatin formation. We used this sequence in a genome‐wide sh RNA screen and identified the chromatin remodeler Atrx as a novel regulator of IAP silencing. Atrx binds to IAP elements and is necessary for efficient heterochromatin formation. In addition, Atrx facilitates a robust and largely inaccessible heterochromatin structure as Atrx knockout cells display increased chromatin accessibility at retrotransposons and non‐repetitive heterochromatic loci. In summary, we demonstrate a direct role of Atrx in the establishment and robust maintenance of heterochromatin.
Subject(s)atrx , biology , chromatin , dna , gene , genetics , genome , heterochromatin , heterochromatin protein 1 , mutation , retrotransposon , transposable element
SCImago Journal Rank4.584

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