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open-access-imgOpen AccessEnvironmental assessment of Petasites spurius (Retz.) Reichb. in various habitats of the southern taiga subzone in Kirov oblast
M.N. Shakleina
Publication year2021
Publication title
проблемы ботаники южной сибири и монголии
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAltai State University
The paper presents the results of an ecological assessment of Petasites spurius habitats in the southern taigasubzone of Kirov oblast. Indicators of potential ecological valence indicate a low degree of lability of species individuals,which is manifested in the predominance of stenovalent and hemistenovalent fractions. Their distribution is limited by verydry and damp, poor and saline soils, low illumination. The studied P. spurius cenopopulations differ in the level of soilmoisture and salt regime, which is associated with the degree of their distance from the water line. In general, individuals of P.spurius quite fully realize their ecological potential, however, in cenopopulation 1 they are realized the least. This is due to itslocation, high level of moistening, surface occurrence of water table and constant leaching of mineral salts from the substrate.
Subject(s)biology , boreal , ecology , environmental science , floristics , habitat , leaching (pedology) , soil water , species richness , taiga

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