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open-access-imgOpen AccessTecnologias e Educação Ambiental: Uma Cartilha Interativa Digital para Aprendizagem Sobre Lixo Eletrônico
Helder Camilo da Silva Pereira,
Isabella de Matos Mendes da Silva,
Sheron Orteney,
Claudio Zarate Sanavria
Publication year2021
Publication title
anais do xii computer on the beach - cotb '21
Resource typeConference proceedings
This paper describes the results of a project whose general objective was to develop an interactive digital booklet with an educational character that addressed aspects related to technological waste and the environment. To achieve the proposed general objective, the following specific objectives were established: 1) To develop material that would bring educational content in line with current discussions and knowledge about electronic waste and its impacts on the environment; 2) To offer an interdisciplinary and interactive environment that would allow the user to go deeper into the themes, according to their interests and according to the level of information consistent with their age and education; 3) Allow the population to have access to the material free of charge and with possibilities to contribute to its constant improvement. The developed product presents informative contents, interspersed with pastimes for its fixation, mediated by mascots specially developed for the material. The results point to an acceptance by the target audience (high school students) and show an interest in the theme from its handling.
Subject(s)computer science , demography , geometry , mathematics , multimedia , point (geometry) , population , product (mathematics) , sociology , theme (computing) , world wide web

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