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Premium Concomitant chemotherapy and split‐course radiation for cure and preservation of speech and swallowing in head and neck cancer
Hirsch Steven M.,
Caldarelli David D.,
Hutchinson James C.,
Holinger Lauren D.,
Showel John L.,
Taylor Samuel G.,
Murthy Anantha K.
Publication year1991
Publication title
the laryngoscope
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract To assess the ability of simultaneous cisplatin, 5‐Fluorouracil, and radiation to substitute for surgery and radiation in advanced head and neck cancer, we have retrospectively selected from our phase II study a subgroup of 29 patients having primary disease requiring either more than a hemiglossec‐tomy or a laryngectomy for control. Patients included 22 with stage IV and 7 with stage III disease, 12 tongue, 10 hypopharynx, and 7 larynx primaries. The treatment consisted of concurrent cisplatin, 5‐Fluo‐rouracil, and split‐course radiation every other week for a total of 7 cycles within 13 weeks. With a median follow‐up of 5 years, 86% of patients had preservation of speech and/or swallowing function. Median survival was 45 months, with 14 (48%) patients currently alive and disease free, 11 (38%) dead from their cancer, and 4 (14%) dead of other causes. The overall failure rate was 38%. Advanced‐stage presence of N3 nodal disease and fewer than 7 cycles of chemotherapy received were significantly associated with increasing failure rates. This program of concomitant cisplatin, 5‐Fluorouracil, and radiation produced control rates quite competitive with surgery and radiation and is appropriate for definitive testing in a randomized trial.
Subject(s)biology , cancer , chemotherapy , cisplatin , concomitant , head and neck cancer , laryngectomy , larynx , medicine , neck dissection , paleontology , pathology , radiation therapy , stage (stratigraphy) , surgery , swallowing , tongue
SCImago Journal Rank1.181

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