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open-access-imgOpen AccessThe Divine Charioteering Model - A Guide to Moderation
Branden Rishel
Publication year2020
Publication title
revista de filosofia antiga
Resource typeJournals
PublisherUniversidade de São Paulo
Charioteering as a metaphor for correct and balanced thinking has been written about since Homer. The Iliad presents the divine charioteering model as exemplified by Hera and Athena and examines how the fate of mortal charioteers including Antilokhos, Patroklos and Achilles is determined based on their ability to adhere to this model. Authors as diverse as Plato, Proclus, Pindar and Euripides build upon the divine charioteering model as they show examples of charioteers who, in varying degrees, follow this model. This paper will demonstrate that heroes who veer from the model of equilibrium and moderation provided by the gods, violate justice [dikē] with their hubris and incur agony [agōn] from the divinity they antagonize.
Subject(s)art , divinity , epistemology , hubris , literature , metaphor , moderation , philosophy , psychology , social psychology , theology

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