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Premium Computer verification of fluence map for intensity modulated radiation therapy
Xing Lei,
Li Jonathan G.
Publication year2000
Publication title
medical physics
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAmerican Association of Physicists in Medicine
In a treatment planning system for intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), the time sequence of multileaf collimator (MLC) settings are derived from an optimal fluence map as a post‐optimization process using a software module called a “leaf sequencer.” The dosimetric accuracy of the dynamic delivery depends on the functionality of the module and it is important to verify independently the correctness of the leaf sequences for each field of a patient treatment. This verification is unique to the IMRT treatment and has been done using radiographic film, electronic portal imaging device (EPID) or electronic imaging system (BIS). The measurement tests both the leaf sequencer and the dynamic multileaf collimator (MLC) delivery system, providing a reliable assurance of clinical IMRT treatment. However, this process is labor intensive and time consuming. In this paper, we propose to separate quality assurance (QA) of the leaf sequencer from the dynamic MLC delivery system. We describe a simple computer algorithm for the verification of the leaf sequences. The software reads in the leaf sequences and simulates the motion of the MLC leaves. The generated fluence map is then compared quantitatively with the reference map from the treatment planning system. A set of pre‐defined QA indices is introduced to measure the “closeness” between the computed and the reference maps. The approach has been used to validate the CORVUS (NOMOS Co., Sewickley, PA) treatment plans. The results indicate that the proposed approach is robust and suitable to support the complex IMRT QA process.
Subject(s)artificial intelligence , collimator , computer science , computer vision , external quality assessment , image guided radiation therapy , medical imaging , medicine , multileaf collimator , operating system , optics , pathology , physics , process (computing) , programming language , quality assurance , radiation therapy , radiation treatment planning , radiology , software
SCImago Journal Rank1.473

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