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Premium Metrical Theorems on Prime Values of the Integer Parts of Real Sequences
Harman G
Publication year1997
Publication title
proceedings of the london mathematical society
Resource typeJournals
PublisherOxford University Press
Let a n be an increasing sequence of positive reals with a n → ∞ as n → ∞. Necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained for each of the sequences [ α a n ] , [ α a n] , [a nα ] to take on infinitely many prime values for almost all α > rβ. For example, the sequence α a n is infinitely often prime for almost all α > 0 if and only if there is a subsequence of the a n , say b n , with b n + 1 > b n + 1 and with the series ∑ 1 /b ndivergent. Asymptotic formulae are obtained when the sequences considered are lacunary. An earlier result of the author reduces the problem to estimating the measure of overlaps of certain sets, and sieve methods are used to obtain the correct order upper bounds. 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification : primary 11N05; secondary 11K99, 11N36.
Subject(s)biology , bounded function , combinatorics , computer science , discrete mathematics , economics , finance , genetics , integer (computer science) , lacunary function , mathematical analysis , mathematics , order (exchange) , paleontology , prime (order theory) , prime number , programming language , sequence (biology) , series (stratigraphy) , subsequence
SCImago Journal Rank1.899

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