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Premium Temporal dynamic modulation of acute stress on error processing in healthy males
Hu Na,
Hu Xueping,
Xu Zhenzhen,
Li Qing,
Long Quanshan,
Gu Yan,
Chen Antao
Publication year2019
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Error processing is critical for adaptive behaviors. Acute stress has been found to influence error processing. However, the neural dynamic correlates underlying this modulation remain elusive. To address this issue, we recruited 39 healthy male participants, who performed a two‐session task before and after an acute stress test while their behavioral and EEG data were recorded. The participants were randomly exposed to either a stress condition (Maastricht Acute Stress Test) or a control condition. The stress test consisted of several hand immersion tasks (ice‐cold water, 2°C) and mental arithmetic tasks. A color‐word Stroop task was used to investigate the stress effect on error responses. Based on the level of stress‐induced cortisol, the participants in the stress group were further classified as low ( N  = 13) or high ( N  = 13) cortisol responders. The results indicated that only in the high cortisol responders, the error‐related negativity (ERN) amplitude was reduced after acute stress. In addition, the ∆ERN in the high cortisol responders was significantly smaller than that in the low cortisol responders. These results suggest that acute stress impairs error detection. However, the error positivity amplitudes increased in the stress group compared to the control group, indicating that acute stress leads to greater error assessment. Taken together, these results suggest that acute stress impairs error detection, which is modulated by individuals’ response level following acute stress, and leads to more emotional and/or motivational responses to the error signal once the error is consciously realized.
Subject(s)acute stress disorder , anterior cingulate cortex , audiology , clinical psychology , cognition , developmental psychology , error related negativity , linguistics , medicine , neuroscience , philosophy , posttraumatic stress , psychology , stress (linguistics) , stroop effect
SCImago Journal Rank1.661

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