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Premium Realism and Contingency
Brock Tom,
Carrigan Mark
Publication year2015
Publication title
journal for the theory of social behaviour
Resource typeJournals
Abstract This paper constitutes an extended response to A thanasia C halari's paper The Causal Impact of Resistance , which suggests that one may derive from internal conversations a causal explanation of resistance. In the context of our engagements with critical realism and digital research into social movements, we review C halari's main argument, before applying it to a concrete case: the student protests in L ondon, 2010. Whilst our account is sympathetic to C halari's focus on interiority, we critique the individualism that is implicit in her argument, arguing that it emerges because of an underlying neglect of the relational aspects of resistance. Instead, we offer a relational realist analysis that treats resistance as process within an ontologically stratified account of reality that is mindful of the contingency of political acts. Taking this route, we establish resistance as an emergent relation, generative of distinctive “relational goods” in the context of collective action, which we locate at different levels of reality, as we move from an analysis of individual to collective reflexivity. In doing so we offer a sympathetic critique of C halari, building on the thought provoking arguments contained within it, whilst also making a contribution to the theorisation of social movements and the “relational turn” within realist social theory ( A rcher, 2010, 2012).
Subject(s)argument (complex analysis) , biochemistry , biology , chemistry , context (archaeology) , contingency , critical realism (philosophy of perception) , ecology , epistemology , individualism , law , methodological individualism , paleontology , philosophy , political science , realism , reflexivity , resistance (ecology) , social science , sociology
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