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Premium An exploration of postpartum women's perspective on desired obstetric nursing qualities
CY Chan Zenobia,
Wong Kwan Sau,
Lam Wing Man,
Wong Ka Yi,
Kwok Yiu Cheung
Publication year2014
Publication title
journal of clinical nursing
Resource typeJournals
Aims and objectives To gain an understanding of the perceptions of postpartum women regarding the desired nursing qualities of obstetric nurses. Background Giving birth is one of the most memorable events in a woman's life. A positive birth experience can foster women's self‐worth and promote family relationship. As obstetric nurses play an important role in facilitating birth‐giving experiences, it is essential to explore postpartum women's desired nursing qualities of obstetric nurses. Design Qualitative approach based on 15 individual semi‐structural interviews Methods Fifteen postpartum women who had given birth to healthy newborns were selected through purposive sampling approach. Semi‐structured interviews were conducted and audio recorded in a private hospital in Hong Kong according to an interview guideline. Colaizzi's framework was used as a guideline to carry out interpretative phenomenological analysis. Results Five themes related to preferred obstetric nurses' qualities were captured: (1) providing information, (2) performing nursing skills in competent manner, (3) demonstrating a positive attitude, (4) attending to individual needs and (5) demonstrating cultural competence. Conclusion Nurses who demonstrate their skills, knowledge and attitude as well as their ability to give physical, psychological and educational support to postpartum women will be able to enhance patients' positive labour experience, resulting in greater patient satisfaction. Relevance to clinical practice By exploring postpartum women's desired qualities of obstetric nurses, nurses will gain a better understanding in their role and the definition of competent attitudes and skills. Nurses with preferred nursing qualities can enhance professional practice and patients' experience during the postpartum period, resulting in increased patient satisfaction.
Subject(s)biology , competence (human resources) , environmental health , family medicine , genetics , guideline , law , medicine , medline , nonprobability sampling , nursing , obstetric nursing , pathology , political science , population , postpartum period , pregnancy , psychology , qualitative research , social psychology , social science , sociology
SCImago Journal Rank0.94

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