Premium Effect of mechanical toothbrush stimulation on gingival microcirculatory functions in inflamed gingiva of dogs
Tanaka M.,
Hanioka T.,
Kishimoto M.,
Shizukuishi S.
Publication year1998
Publication title
journal of clinical periodontology
Resource typeJournals
Abstract. The effect of mechanical toothbrush stimulation on gingival microcirculatory functions was examined with and without removal of supragingival plaque in inflamed gingiva of 6 dogs. After removal of the ligatures, 4 treatment modalities: mechanical stimulation by vibration (MS), removal of supragingival plaque (PR), combination (MS + PR) and no treatment (NT), were administered to each quadrant for 2 weeks. Both quadrants with plaque removal showed a marked decrease in the gingival index score, while slight and moderate decreases were observed in NT and MS quadrants, respectively. Changes in gingival crevicular fluid flow, pocket oxygen tension and hemoglobin oxygen saturation in the gingival were significant in the MS, PR and MS + PR quadrants. Significant treatment‐by‐time effects were found for all of the parameters of microcirculatory function between NT and MS quadrants, and gingival crevicular fluid flow between PR and MS + PR quadrants, respectively. These findings suggest that mechanical stimulation with a toothbrush may offer an additional benefit to gingival microcirculatory functions in inflamed gingiva.
Subject(s)brush , dentistry , electrical engineering , engineering , gingivitis , medicine , pathology , quadrant (abdomen) , stimulation , toothbrush
SCImago Journal Rank3.456

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