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Premium Periodontal alterations in patients with pemphigus vulgaris taking steroids
Markitziu Alice,
Zafiropoulos Gregory,
Jacoby Lavinia Flores,
Pisanty Sarah
Publication year1990
Publication title
journal of clinical periodontology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Abstract Periodontal health parameters and salivary cortisol were studied in 19 adult pemphigus vulgaris patients on chronic steroid therapy. The patient population was divided into non‐medicated and medicated subjects at intake into the study. A significant difference between the 2 examinations, performed at an interval of 8.73 months ± 4.35, was found in bleeding index (p<0.000 and p<0.04, respectively) and gingival recession (p< 0.000 and p< 0.009) in both groups. No changes occurred in alveolar bone height. Steroid therapy altered the bleeding index (R = 0.60 and R = 0.80) and gingival recession (R = 0.87 and 0.91) in a dose‐related manner, and induced low salivary cortisol. The findings of this study would suggest suppression of the host inflammatory reaction, resulting in an alleged healthy clinical appearance of the periodontium.
Subject(s)bleeding on probing , dental alveolus , dentistry , dermatology , gastroenterology , gingival recession , medicine , pemphigus , pemphigus vulgaris , periodontitis , periodontium
SCImago Journal Rank3.456

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