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Premium Mild tardive dyskinesia: an 8‐year follow‐up study
Yassa R.,
Nair V.
Publication year1990
Publication title
acta psychiatrica scandinavica
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
The authors re‐examined 20 patients who were found to exhibit mild tardive dyskinesia (TD) involving only one body area in 1980. Of these, 11 still showed TD of the same degree, whereas 4 had no TD and 5 aggravated TD. The authors conclude that mild TD involving one body area should be included in prevalence studies and that Schooler & Kane's definition of minimal manifestation of TD should be extended to include these patients.
Subject(s)audiology , disease , dyskinesia , medicine , parkinson's disease , pediatrics , psychiatry , psychology , schizophrenia (object oriented programming) , tardive dyskinesia
SCImago Journal Rank2.849

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