Premium Interactions of Russian wheat aphid, a hymenopterous parasitoid and resistant and susceptible slender wheatgrasses
Reed D. K.,
Kindler S. D.,
Springer T. L.
Publication year1992
Publication title
entomologia experimentalis et applicata
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Interactions among three trophic levels of resistant and susceptible slenderwheat grasses, Elymus trachycaulum (Link) Goule ex Shinners ex. H.F. Lewis, Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko), and a hymenopterous parasitoid were studied in the laboratory and greenhouse. These relationships were compared with a commercial susceptible wheat Triticum aestivum L. variety. Aphids reared on the resistant entries showed significantly lower weights and numbers. Significant reduction of parasitoid mummy weight and adult size was positively correlated with the effects on the aphids. Resistant entries also induced a longer prereproductive period for both the aphids and parasitoids. Numbers of aphids and aphid damage were significantly modified by the addition of parasitoids. Parasitism was higher on plants that did not have leaf rolling. These findings may indicate that antibiosis resistance studied here is not the most desirable because it decreases natural enemy vitality.
Subject(s)agronomy , antibiosis , aphid , aphididae , bacteria , biological pest control , biology , botany , braconidae , cecidomyiidae , ecology , genetics , homoptera , horticulture , host (biology) , larva , parasitism , parasitoid , pest analysis , russian wheat aphid
SCImago Journal Rank0.765

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