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Premium The Response of Young, Non‐Sexually Abused Children to Anatomically Correct Dolls
Glaser Danya,
Collins Carole
Publication year1989
Publication title
journal of child psychology and psychiatry
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Abstract Ninety‐one children aged 3–6 yrs were observed and video‐recorded playing with the anatomically correct dolls in unstructured play settings. Parental permission had been obtained. The children's emotional, behavioural and overall play responses were rated Whilst the dolls’ difference from other dolls was dearly noticed, they did not traumatize the children, most of whom incorporated the dolls in imaginative play. Only five children's play with the dolls showed any sexualized quality, in three the source of sexual knowledge becoming apparent. Whereas the absence of sexualized play does not reliably exclude abuse, we suggest that explicit sexual play with the dolls may well arise from previous exposure: to explicit sexual information or activity.
Subject(s)child sexual abuse , developmental psychology , injury prevention , medical emergency , medicine , poison control , psychology , sexual abuse , sexual behavior
SCImago Journal Rank3.652

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