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Premium Jewish Identity and the Secular Achievements of American Jewish Men and Women
Hartman Harriet,
Hartman Moshe
Publication year2011
Publication title
journal for the scientific study of religion
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Inc
Three questions are addressed concerning the relationship of Jewish identity to secular achievements. Are the secular achievements of American Jews related at all to the strength of their Jewish identity? Which has a stronger relationship to secular achievement, a religious or an ethnic Jewish identity? Do communal aspects or private, personal aspects of Jewish identity have the stronger relationship to secular achievements? Using the 2000–2001 National Jewish Population Survey, we find that educational attainment, labor force participation, and occupational achievements are related to several expressions of Jewish identity, even after controlling for the traditional sources of variation (age, gender, education, family status). Jewish identity, as expressed in terms of religion, ethnicity, communal commitment, and private attitudes and practices, is related to contemporary Jewish secular achievement, albeit differently for men and women.
Subject(s)acoustics , anthropology , archaeology , demography , educational attainment , ethnic group , gender studies , haskalah , history , identity (music) , jewish identity , jewish studies , judaism , law , negotiation , physics , political science , population , religious identity , secular education , secular variation , social science , sociology
SCImago Journal Rank0.941

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