Premium “A World where Action is the Sister of Dream”: Surrealism and Anti‐capitalism in Contemporary Paris
Fenton Jill
Publication year2004
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
In discussing the lifestyle and practices of the Paris group of the contemporary surrealist movement, this paper contributes to debates within economic and political geography that seek to develop the imagining of alternatives to neoliberal globalisation through practices of resistance, and spaces of political and policy engagement. The everyday life of the surrealist movement, in combining creativity with progressive choices and radical economic practices that oppose capitalism, while intellectually investigating ideas of revolution, a different society and utopia, suggests a perspective that contributes to the imagining of such alternatives. This paper outlines the deeply embedded nature of surrealist activity in opposing capitalism and illustrates, as one member of the surrealist group suggests, in quoting Baudelaire, surrealism's insistence for a world in which “action is the sister of dream”. The paper further contributes to discussion on the role of academics in facilitating spaces of political engagement.
Subject(s)action (physics) , aesthetics , art , biology , capitalism , dream , ecology , globalization , law , neuroscience , physics , political economy , political science , politics , quantum mechanics , resistance (ecology) , sociology , utopia
SCImago Journal Rank2.177

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