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Premium Effect of excess levels of lysine and leucine in wheat‐based, amino acid‐fortified diets on the mRNA expression of two selected cationic amino acid transporters in pigs
Morales A.,
Barrera M. A.,
Araiza A. B.,
Zijlstra R. T.,
Bernal H.,
Cervantes M.
Publication year2013
Publication title
journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Summary An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of excess levels of Leu and Lys on the expression of b 0,+ and CAT‐1 mRNA in jejunum, liver and the muscles Longissimus dorsi (LDM) and Semitendinosus (STM). Twenty pigs with an average initial BW of 16.4 ± 1.7 kg were used in a Randomized Complete Block. Dietary treatments (T) were as follows: T1, basal diet; T2, basal plus 3.5 g l ‐Lys/kg diet; T3, basal plus 1.5 g l ‐Leu/kg diet; T4, basal plus 3.5 g l ‐Lys plus 1.5 g l ‐Leu/kg diet. Diets in T1 and T3 met 100% the requirement of Lys for pigs within the 10 to 20 kg body weight range; diets in T2 and T4 contained 35% excess of Lys. Also, diets in T1 and T2 supplied 104%, whereas diets in T3 and T4 supplied 116% the requirement of Leu. The expression of b 0,+ in jejunum was reduced (p = 0.002) because of the supplementation of l ‐Leu, but l ‐Lys supplementation had no effect (p = 0.738). In contrast, the expression of b 0,+ in STM (p = 0.012) and liver (p = 0.095) was reduced by the high level of Lys, but Leu had no effect (p > 0.100). CAT‐1 expression in STM increased by high Lys (p = 0.023) and Leu (p = 0.007) levels. In liver, the expression of CAT‐1 substantially increased (p = 0.001) because of Lys. In conclusion, excess levels of dietary Lys and Leu affect the expression of cationic amino acid transporters, and this effect varies depending on the studied tissue.
Subject(s)amino acid , basal (medicine) , biochemistry , biology , chemistry , endocrinology , gene , horticulture , insulin , jejunum , leucine , lysine , medicine , messenger rna , randomized block design , zoology
SCImago Journal Rank0.651

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