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Premium Drought tolerance, abscisic acid and electrolyte leakage in fast‐and slow‐growing black spruce (Picea mariana) progenies
Tan Weixing,
Blake Terence J.
Publication year1993
Publication title
physiologia plantarum
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
To investigate the role that drought tolerance plays in growth, abscisic acid (ABA) accumulation and electrolyte leakage during water stress were compared in fast‐ and slow‐growing black spruce ( Picea mariana [Mill.] B. S. P.) progenies. Changes in the ABA content of the needles were quantified using an indirect enzyme‐linked immuno‐sorbent assay validated by gas chromatography electron capture detection. Needle electrolyte leakage was estimated using a conductivity bridge. Seedlings were stressed using (1) osmotic stress, induced by a stepwise increase in concentrations of polyethylene glycol 3 350 (PEG) for ABA study and (2) air drying for electrolyte leakage study. Progenies did not differ in ABA levels under unstressed conditions, but progeny differences were observed under osmotic stress. Needle ABA content increased up to 500% under osmotic stress. Slow‐growing black spruce progenies (25 and 46) accumulated more ABA under moderate (18% PEG), but not severe (25% PEG), osmotic stress. The slow‐growing progenies also leaked more electrolytes under moderate to severe water stress and lost 50% electrolytes at a higher xylem tension, suggesting they suffered more injury and were less dehydration tolerant. Our previously‐published results showed that slow‐growing progenies lost their photosynthesis and stomatal conductance more quickly during osmotic stress and recovered more slowly after rehydration. Therefore, tolerance of dehydration leading to a maintenance of physiological integrity during drought stress could explain the fast growth rates of more vigorous black spruce progenies.
Subject(s)abscisic acid , biochemistry , biology , black spruce , botany , chemistry , ecology , economics , electrode , electrolyte , gene , horticulture , leakage (economics) , macroeconomics , taiga
SCImago Journal Rank1.351

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