Premium Genetic Variation in the in Vitro Veto Activity of Bone‐Marrow Cells
Publication year1986
Publication title
scandinavian journal of immunology
Resource typeJournals
Cells exerting a veto type of suppressive activity, that is, suppressing the cytotoxic T lymphocyte formation against the class I major histocompatibility complex antigen on their surface, can be found in different lymphoid tissues, for example, in the bone marrow. In this study we show that there is variation in the in vitro veto‐cell activity between bone marrow cells derived from different mouse strains: bone marrow cells derived from mice carrying the non‐H‐2 genes of B10/B6 mice had clearly the strongest veto activity.
Subject(s)antigen , biology , bone marrow , chemistry , cytotoxic t cell , genetics , histocompatibility , human leukocyte antigen , immunology , in vitro , law , major histocompatibility complex , microbiology and biotechnology , political science , politics , veto
SCImago Journal Rank0.934

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