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Premium Disruption of two genes for chitin synthase in the phytopathogenic fungus Ustilago maydis
Gold S. E.,
Kronstad J. W.
Publication year1994
Publication title
molecular microbiology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Summary The phytopathogenic fungus Ustilago maydis exhibits a dimorphic transition in which non‐pathogenic, yeast‐like cells mate to form a pathogenic, filamentous dikaryon. Northern analysis indicated that two chitin synthase genes, chs1 and chs2 , from U. maydis are expressed at similar levels in yeast‐like cells and in cells undergoing the mating reaction leading to the filamentous cell type. A mutation was constructed in each of the chitin synthase genes by targeted gene disruption. Each mutant showed a reduction in the level of trypsin‐activated enzyme activity, compared with a wild‐type strain, but retained the wild‐type morphology, the ability to mate and the ability to form the filamentous pathogenic cell type.
Subject(s)biochemistry , biology , botany , cell wall , chitin , chitin synthase , chitosan , dikaryon , dimorphic fungus , fungus , gene , genetics , hypha , mating type , microbiology and biotechnology , mutant , ustilago , wild type , yeast
SCImago Journal Rank1.857

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