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Premium Further development of a bacteriocin typing system for Clostridium perfringens
Scott H.G.,
Mahony D.E.
Publication year1982
Publication title
journal of applied bacteriology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Abstract The specificity of typing Clostridium perfringens with bacteriocins was improved by adding new bacteriocins and deleting others from the original typing set of ten. A total of 516 new isolates of Cl. perfringens were screened for bacteriocin production and, of these, 162 strains (31%) were found to be producers. The sensitivity patterns obtained by testing 40 bacteriocins against 200 isolates of Cl. perfringens were recorded and the data subjected to a computer analysis. A total of 18 bacteriocins capable of dividing the 200 isolates into 98 typing patterns was selected. The repro‐ducibility of the new system was tested by performing three sequential typings of 60 strains of Cl. perfringens. No variation was found in 73% of the strains, while a further 16% of the strains demonstrated a change in sensitivity to only one bacteriocin. Common serological types of Cl. perfringens were divisible into subtypes based upon both their ability to produce bacteriocins and their sensitivity to bacteriocins, suggesting a useful role for bacteriocin typing in conjunction with an already well‐established tool for typing Cl. perfringens.
Subject(s)antimicrobial , bacteria , bacteriocin , biology , clostridium perfringens , genetics , microbiology and biotechnology , typing
SCImago Journal Rank0.889

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