open-access-imgOpen AccessThe Spleen Colony Technique. I. Correction For the Overlap Effect and Sources of Error In Cfu‐S Determination
Znojil V.,
Nečas E.
Publication year1988
Publication title
cell proliferation
Resource typeJournals
Abstract. A linear model for the errors of the ‘spleen colony’ assay for haemopoietic stem cells has been derived. the components emerging from the model are interpreted and practical recommendations given for interpreting measurements made with this assay. the model permits correction for the effect of overlapping colonies and gives average errors for single measurements of the number of CFU‐s. More reliable and more precise information can be obtained using this model.
Subject(s)biology , computer science , environmental health , gene , genetics , immunology , inbred strain , mathematics , medicine , population , random error , spleen , statistics , systematic error
SCImago Journal Rank1.647

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