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Premium Treatment outcome of CRLF2 ‐rearranged childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: a comparative analysis of the AIEOP ‐ BFM and UK NCRI ‐ CCLG study groups
Attarbaschi Andishe,
Morak Maria,
Cario Gunnar,
Cazzaniga Giovanni,
Ensor Hannah M.,
te Kronnie Truus,
Bradtke Jutta,
Mann Georg,
Vendramini Elena,
Palmi Chiara,
Schwab Claire,
Russell Lisa J.,
Schrappe Martin,
Conter Valentino,
Mitchell Christopher D.,
Strehl Sabine,
Zimmermann Martin,
Pötschger Ulrike,
Harrison Christine J.,
Stanulla Martin,
PanzerGrümayer Renate,
Haas Oskar A.,
Moorman Anthony V.
Publication year2012
Publication title
british journal of haematology
Resource typeJournals
Summary The prognostic relevance of CRLF2 ‐ rearrangements in childhood acute B ‐cell precursor lymphoblastic leukaemia ( ALL ), was assessed by a comparative analysis of 114 non‐ D own‐syndrome patients (99 P2RY8‐CRLF2+ , 15 IGH@‐CRLF2+ ), 76 from the AIEOP ‐ BFM ALL 2000 and 38 from the MRC ALL 97 trials. The 6‐year cumulative relapse incidence of P2RY8‐CRLF2+ patients treated on the two trials was not statistically different: 0·37 ± 0·06 vs. 0·25 ± 0·08 ( P  = 0·194). In contrast, 0/9 IGH@‐CRLF2 + AIEOP ‐ BFM , but 5/6 ALL 97 patients relapsed. Conclusively, P2RY8‐CRLF2+ patients had an intermediate protocol‐independent outcome while the different prognosis of IGH@‐CRLF2 + patients could be related to the different structures of the applied treatment protocols.
Subject(s)cumulative incidence , incidence (geometry) , medicine , oncology , optics , pediatrics , physics , transplantation
SCImago Journal Rank1.907

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