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Premium Pond production of Penaeus monodon in relation to stocking density, survival rate and mean weight at harvest in East Java, Indonesia
Hariati A M,
Wiadnya D G R,
Sukkel M,
Boon J H,
Verdegem M J C
Publication year1996
Publication title
aquaculture research
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Abstract The relationships between Penaeus monodon production and three crop characteristics in 107 ponds on nine shrimp farms in East Java were studied. Overall differences of production (Mt ha ‐1 year ‐1 ), survival rate (%), stocking density (number m ‐2 ) and mean weight at harvest (g) between regions and between farms were significant, while the difference of production between farms was also significant within regions. Overall analysis revealed that production was positively correlated with survival rate, stocking density and mean weight at harvest, while there was a negative correlation between stocking density and survival rate. Results imply that more attention should be paid to improving shrimp survival. The higher on‐farm production in South East Java is linked to higher survival rates and higher post‐larvae stocking densities than in North West and North East Java, while similar individual weights at harvest to North West East Java are reached. In this context, the relationship between coastal estuarine water quality and yield needs further investigation. Other parameters which need further investigation are farm management, post‐larvae origin and duration of the culture period.
Subject(s)biology , computer science , context (archaeology) , crop , ecology , fishery , java , paleontology , penaeus , penaeus monodon , programming language , shrimp , stocking , zoology
SCImago Journal Rank0.646

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