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Premium Environmental conditions at sea‐cages, and ectoparasites on farmed European sea‐bass, Dicentrarchus labrax (L.), and gilt‐head sea‐bream, Sparus aurata L., at two farms in Greece
Papoutsoglou S,
Costello M J,
E Stamou,
Tziha G
Publication year1996
Publication title
aquaculture research
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishing Ltd
Abstract Water quality in sea‐cages, and metazoan ectoparasites on bass, Dicentrarchus labrax (L.), and bream, Sparus aurata L., were sampled at two fish farms in south‐west Greece over 2 years. The seabed and marine life around the cages of one farm was surveyed using scuba. The most frequent and abundant parasites were the monogeans Sparicotyle chrysophrii and Furnestinia echeneis on the gills of bream, and Diplectanum aequans on the gills of bass. The copepod Caligus minimus occasionally occurred in the buccal cavity of bass, but only in low numbers. Prevalence and abundance of parasites increased with bass size but F echeneis levels decreased with bream size. There were no other clear relationships between water quality, parasite levels and fish size. Ammonia varied seasonally with sea temperature, and with oxygen levels below 6 mg 1 ‐1 on many occasions, it is possible that fish suffered stress from a combination of high ammonia and low oxygen conditions. There was no accumulation of waste food or faeces below the cages at the one farm surveyed, but there were thousands of wild fish, including mullet (Mugilidae), Spicara sp. and Diplodus spp., present around the cages. Water quality may be improved by changes in farm management, such as reducing stocking densities below the present 16 kg nr ‐3 . Oxygen should be monitored at the cages on site daily. How comparable environmental conditions and impacts, and parasitization are at other bass and bream sea cage farms is unknown.
Subject(s)aquaculture , bass (fish) , biology , dicentrarchus , fish <actinopterygii> , fish farming , fishery , gill , sea bass , serranidae , sparidae , stocking , zoology
SCImago Journal Rank0.646

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