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Premium Review article: coeliac disease, new approaches to therapy
Rashtak S.,
Murray J. A.
Publication year2012
Publication title
alimentary pharmacology and therapeutics
Resource typeJournals
Summary Background Coeliac disease is managed by life‐long gluten withdrawal from the diet. However, strict adherence to a gluten‐free diet is difficult and is not always effective. Novel therapeutic approaches are needed to supplement or even replace the dietary treatment. Aim To review recent advances in new therapeutic options for coeliac disease. Methods A literature search was performed on MEDLINE , EMBASE , Web of Science, Scopus, and for English articles and abstracts. The search terms used included, but not limited to, ‘Celiac disease’, ‘new’, ‘novel’, ‘Advances’, ‘alternatives’ and ‘Drug therapy’. The cited articles were selected based on the relevancy to the review objective. Results Several new therapeutic approaches for coeliac disease are currently under development by targeting its underlying pathogenesis. Alternative therapies range from reproduction of harmless wheat strains to immunomodulatory approaches. Some of these therapies such as enzymatic cleavage of gluten and permeability inhibitors have shown promise in clinical studies. Conclusions Gluten‐free diet is still the only practical treatment for patients with coeliac disease. Novel strategies provide promise of alternative adjunctive approaches to diet restriction alone for patients with this disorder.
Subject(s)bioinformatics , biology , coeliac disease , disease , gluten , gluten free , immunology , intensive care medicine , intestinal permeability , law , medicine , medline , pathology , political science , review article
SCImago Journal Rank3.308

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