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Premium Molecular evolution of the meiotic recombination pathway in mammals
Dapper Amy L.,
Payseur Bret A.
Publication year2019
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Meiotic recombination shapes evolution and helps to ensure proper chromosome segregation in most species that reproduce sexually. Recombination itself evolves, with species showing considerable divergence in the rate of crossing‐over. However, the genetic basis of this divergence is poorly understood. Recombination events are produced via a complicated, but increasingly well‐described, cellular pathway. We apply a phylogenetic comparative approach to a carefully selected panel of genes involved in the processes leading to crossovers—spanning double‐strand break formation, strand invasion, the crossover/non‐crossover decision, and resolution—to reconstruct the evolution of the recombination pathway in eutherian mammals and identify components of the pathway likely to contribute to divergence between species. Eleven recombination genes, predominantly involved in the stabilization of homologous pairing and the crossover/non‐crossover decision, show evidence of rapid evolution and positive selection across mammals. We highlight TEX11 and associated genes involved in the synaptonemal complex and the early stages of the crossover/non‐crossover decision as candidates for the evolution of recombination rate. Evolutionary comparisons to MLH1 count, a surrogate for the number of crossovers, reveal a positive correlation between genome‐wide recombination rate and the rate of evolution at TEX11 across the mammalian phylogeny. Our results illustrate the power of viewing the evolution of recombination from a pathway perspective.
Subject(s)adaptation (eye) , artificial intelligence , biology , chromosomal crossover , computer science , crossover , divergence (linguistics) , ectopic recombination , evolutionary biology , experimental evolution , functional divergence , gene , gene family , genetic recombination , genetics , genome , homologous recombination , linguistics , meiosis , molecular evolution , neuroscience , philosophy , phylogenetics , recombination , selection (genetic algorithm) , synaptonemal complex
SCImago Journal Rank1.84

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