Premium Computed tomographic and radiographic morphometric study of cardiac and coelomic dimensions in captive blue‐fronted Amazon parrots ( Amazona aestiva , Linnaeus, 1758) with varying body condition scores
Santos Gisele J.,
Silva Jeana P.,
Hippólito Alícia G.,
Ferro Bárbara S.,
Oliveira Elton Luís R.,
Okamoto Priscylla Tatiana C. G.,
Lourenço Maria Lucia G.,
Vasconcelos Machado Vania Maria,
Rahal Sheila C.,
Teixeira Carlos R.,
Melchert Alessandra
Publication year2020
Publication title
anatomia, histologia, embryologia
Resource typeJournals
Abstract This study aimed to assess radiographic and tomographic cardiac parameters, including width and length of the heart, and the ratio of heart width to coelom width of blue‐fronted Amazon parrots ( Amazona aestiva ) with varying body condition scores. Thirty‐five captive birds were included in the study and were allocated into one of three groups according to their respective body condition score: lean, ideal and obese. No differences were observed among the groups with regard to radiographic and tomographic measurements. Computed tomography enabled better identification of the structures of the cardiovascular system without interference from the overlying structures of the celomatic cavity observed in radiographic images. However, radiographic examinations should still be considered the standard screening method to identify cardiac alterations, such as increased or reduced organ dimensions. Standardizing the techniques and measurements performed in this study may serve as a basis for further research in the field.
Subject(s)anatomy , biology , computed tomographic , computed tomography , medicine , nuclear medicine , radiography , radiology
SCImago Journal Rank0.34

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