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Publication year2001
Publication title
the economic history review
Resource typeJournals
Books reviewed: S.H. Rigby, Towns in decline, AD 100‐1600 R.H Britnell, The Great Roll of the Pipe for the sixth year of the reign of King Henry III, Michaelmas 1222 Nuala Zahedieh, Socialbility and power in late‐Stuart England: the cultural worlds of the Verneys, 1660‐1720 John C. Appleby, St Peter Port, 1680‐1830: the history of an international entrepôt Jordan Goodman, Liquid pleasures: a social history of drinks in modern Britain Kristine Bruland, Industrial espionage and technology transfer: Britain and France in the eighteenth century J.R. Wordie, Roots of change: farming and the landscape in East Anglia, c 1700‐1870 James A. Jaffe, Early trade unionism: fraternity, skill and the politics of labour Pat Hudson, The British industrial revolution: an economic perspective Callum G. Brown, Congregational missions and the making of an imperial culture in nineteenth‐century England Felix Driver, The Oxford history of the British empire, III: the nineteenth century Colin G. Pooley, The Irish in Victorian Britain: the local dimension M.W Kirby, Raleigh and the British bicycle industry: an economic and business history, 1870‐1960 G.C. Peden, The management of the national debt of the United Kingdom, 1900‐1932 Alan Booth, The Treasury and British public policy, 1906‐1959 Richard C. Thurlow, Whitehall and the Jews, 1933‐1948: British immigration policy and the Holocaust Jim Tomlinson, Rethinking British decline Richard Perren, Region and strategy in Britain and Japan: business in Lancashire and Kansai, 1890‐1900 B.W.E. Alford, In the public interest: competition policy and the Monopolies and Mergers Commission David Armitage, The Oxford history of the British empire, V: historiography Paul Warde, Defiled trades and social outcasts: honour and ritual pollution in early modern Germany Martin Chick, Histoire de l’électricité en Suisse: la dynamique d’un petit pays européen, 1875‐1939Glassmaking in Renaissance Venice: the fragile craft Francesca Trivellato Joseph Harrison, Empresa, mercados, mina y mineros: Rio Tinto, 1873‐1936 Joseph Harrison, The Mediterranean response to globalization before 1950 Roger Middleton, The development of economics in western Europe since 1945 Roger Bartlett, The Russian peasantry, 1600‐1930: the world the peasants made Christopher Clay, The Ottoman city between east and west: Aleppo, Izmir, and Istanbul Virginia H. Aksan, Consumption studies and the history of the Ottoman empire, 1550‐1922: an introduction H.A. Gemery, Migration and the origins of the English Atlantic world S.D Smith, The British Isles and the War of American Independence Robert G. Greenhill, Business history in Latin America: the experience of seven countries Penelope Francks, The pursuit of power in modern Japan, 1825‐1995 Katrina Honeyman, Working out gender: perspectives from labour history Ranald Michie, The global debt bomb Roger Middleton, Reconstructing poliltical economy: the great divide in economic thought
Subject(s)ancient history , archaeology , art history , classics , economic history , empire , fraternity , history , industrial revolution , law , physics , political science , politics , power (physics) , quantum mechanics , reign
SCImago Journal Rank1.014

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