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Premium Public Organizations, Multiple Constituencies, And Governance
Jørgensen Torben Beck,
Hansen Hanne Foss,
Antonsen Marianne,
Melander Preben
Publication title
public administration
Resource typeJournals
PublisherBlackwell Publishers Ltd
Public organizations vary considerably. Yet little attention has been paid to the systematic analysis of this diversity. Drawing on case studies of four public organizations and a survey on all central government organizations in Denmark, variations in tasks, environments, constituencies, and central governance are conceptualized. Public organization tasks can be analysed at three levels ranging from user‐oriented outputs, general outputs which can further be divided into policy goals, scope of profile, standard setting and capital accumulation, to the normative base of the public sector. Public organizations vary with regard to the emphasis put on level of output and on how the different aspects of the tasks are interrelated. Variations in constituencies and exchange cycles with the environment are further related to different task profiles. Finally it is shown that central oversight organizations compete with other actors in the public organizations’ environment in the governance of public organizations. From an organizational point of view ‘the state’ appears to have a humble and remote position.
SCImago Journal Rank1.313

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