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Premium Survey Response‐Related Biases in Contingent Valuation: Concepts, Remedies, and Empirical Application to Valuing Aquatic Plant Management
Messonnier Mark L.,
Bergstrom John C.,
Cornwell Christopher M.,
Teasley R. Jeff,
Cordell H. Ken
Publication year2000
Publication title
american journal of agricultural economics
Resource typeJournals
PublisherOxford University Press
Abstract Sample nonresponse and selection biases that may occur in survey research such as contingent valuation applications are discussed and tested. Correction mechanisms for these types of biases are demonstrated. Results indicate the importance of testing and correcting for unit and item nonresponse bias in contingent valuation survey data. When sample nonresponse and selection bias go uncorrected, welfare measures may be overestimated or underestimated contributing to potential errors in resource policy and management decisions.
Subject(s)accounting , actuarial science , chemistry , chromatography , contingent valuation , econometrics , economics , market economy , mathematics , microeconomics , sample (material) , selection bias , statistics , survey data collection , valuation (finance) , welfare , willingness to pay
SCImago Journal Rank1.949

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