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open-access-imgOpen AccessRecoil ions from the β decay of Sb134 confined in a Paul trap
K. Siegl,
N. D. Scielzo,
A. Czeszumska,
John W. Clark,
Guy Savard,
Ani Aprahamian,
Shane Caldwell,
B.S. Alan,
M. T. Burkey,
C. J. Chiara,
Joseph E Greene,
J. L. Harker,
S. T. Marley,
Gareth J. Morgan,
Jennifer M. Munson,
Eric B. Norman,
R. Orford,
S. W. Padgett,
A. Pérez Galván,
K. S. Sharma,
S. Strauss
Publication year2018
Publication title
physical review c
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAmerican Physical Society
Subject(s)atomic physics , ion , ion trap , meteorology , nuclear physics , physics , quantum mechanics , recoil , trap (plumbing)
SCImago Journal Rank1.679

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